Stress Management & Building Resilience Workshop

Building the confidence and skills to deal with theday to day pressures of life at work and at home

Never before has life been so pressurised. We work harder - often for less, and have much more to do. Making decisions and choices seems harder and harder. Balancing work and home life can often be very difficult. Demands of ourselves and of our time comes from all directions. We are all expected to strive for more, be more successful and be pulled in all directions. But at what cost?

Every year 1 in 4 people will struggle with stress in some shape form. For some it may be very debilitating and in others it may affect their ability to function in their day to day activities, their relationships, their health and their performance at work.

Unless managed effectively early on the symptoms of stress can very quickly get out of control and illness in the form of depression, anxiety, heart problems and eating disorders can materialise.

The problem with stress is that it manifests itself on a very individual basis. What affects one person may not affect someone else in the same way. Therefore, the way in which we recognise stress in ourselves and in others can be very subjective based on how we deal with things ourselves.

For some, there also remains a stigma around mental illness and we often find this difficult to deal with.  Help and support is limited and often not accessible when we need it most.

Building Resilience

Our Building Resilience in the Workplace workshop will help your staff by providing a practical, flexible and cost effective programme, that will provide the tools to better cope with stressful situations as they arise and really help staff get through difficult times, whether it be at home or at work. It will also help them to build their resilience, so that when difficult times arise, they will be in a better place to deal with them.

Our qualified Stress Advisor with over 10 years’ experience has designed the workshop based on theory, practical exercises and group discussion. Being encouraged to talk through and share issues can often help you find our own solutions, building confidence, and, having a much more positive outlook on life.

Recent Feedback

'The tools that I now have are invaluable to better help be through some of life's traumas. Thank you'
'I am much better able to cope with the stresses and strains that life throws at me.'
'Just knowing that I had a structure to work through and a programme to follow has really helped me through some difficult times’.

For assistance in implementing your own approach to stress management, please contact us today.

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