"Coaching is the facilitation of learning and development with the purpose of improving performance and enhancing effective action, goal achievement and personal satisfaction. It invariably involves growth and change, whether that is in perspective, attitude or behaviour."

Peter Bluckert, 2006

Our coaching programme

A coaching programme typically comprises a series of one and a half hour to two hour, one-to-one meetings with an independent coach, providing individuals with professional development and support. Having identified areas for improvement, the coach and client work together to develop practical ways to improve their performance, which build upon their natural style. Independent coaching is substantially different from coaching as a management style in that there is no ‘power’ element in the form of appraisals, future job opportunities and pay increases. Clients can therefore be open about their work and personal issues without fear of consequences, resulting in a more productive relationship. An independent coach normally combines work experience in large organisations with the study of counselling and psychology, enabling their work to be more in-depth with a greater likelihood of achieving long-term changes.

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