Change Management

Are your managers equipped to lead their teams through change?

Are your employees ready to handle change?

With the benefit of MMA interactive Managing Change workshops and one-to-one support programmes they will be.

MMA in-house psychologists have successfully developed a range of support products to help employers equip their managers and individuals with the ability to apply change management techniques. We can support a range of one-to-one programmes and 1 - 3 hour Change Management workshops. These have been specifically designed to provide participants with the necessary skills, tools, strategies and confidence to meet the challenges they will face during the change process.

Managing Change support will be tailored to meet the particular needs of your organization. Below are just two examples of support programmes we have provided:

Case Study One – Management Cost Reduction Programme

In late 2010 NHS London announced that it was facing some very significant challenges in both operational management of the health system and in maintaining financial stability. As a consequence it embarked on a programme of accelerated management cost savings for 2011/2012.

MMA were approached to provide a series of focussed workshops, specifically developed to assist staff in coping with the changes and begin to prepare action plans for each stage of the transition process.

The commissioned 1 hour workshops covered the importance of change; reactions to change; introduction to the concept of transition; tips on managing change and action planning. Participants also had opportunities to undertake tasks, work through a group exercise to illustrate the transition process, provide feedback and ask questions.

Feedback received following delivery of the workshops was very positive and included such comments as:

Workshop participants (reporting on what they gained from the programme)

“I feel more confident and in control of what is happening”

“The opportunity to start planning the future in a structured way”

NHS Senior Management (HR)

“We were delighted with the result. The workshops were tailored especially for our situation. One hour is a very short period of time but the workshop design incorporated a group exercise for staff to discuss and come up with action plans at all stages of their transition. There was an excellent set of handouts with tips on managing change and templates for further action planning.”