Our Services: Human Resources Consultancy, Stress Management Programme, and More

Margaret Martin Associates provides a comprehensive range of outsourced HR support services aimed at medium to large organisations and supporting both business growth and organisational change:

  • Change Management
    Suite of workshops tailored for employees undergoing change due to a restructure or downsizing.

  • Outplacement
    A comprehensive one to one or workshop programs providing staff with full support in times of organisational change

  • Pre-Retirement
    A programme of counselling, support and information provision for those making the transition to retirement

  • Coaching
    A defined but flexible programme delivering meaningful, long-term performance improvements to meet varying management and personal development needs of individuals

  • Stress Management
    A proactive approach to stress management, building resilience at work, ensuring the well-being of staff members and increasing performance

  • Career Transition
    Tailored one-to-one support for individuals in transition from one role to the next

  • Training and Development
    A suite of specialist programmes for more specific training needs, covering particular areas such as on-boarding training, management development and customer handling.

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